Citizen Report No. 1671830307 - 948507986

Gary Wayne Dodd
110 North Capitol Avenue
Tishomingo, Oklahoma 73460

Date of Offense

December 13, 2022




CLEET Number :  0090741

License Type :  Fulltime Peace Officer

License Status :  Active

License Effective Date :  10/14/2004

License Expiry Date :  N/A


On or about October 8, 2022, Sheriff Dodd posted a Facebook Post celebrating multiple arrests that day, one of which was an arrest for charges of "possession of drug proceeds" in which he and/or his deputies seized cash from the arrestee.

A criminal felony case was filed against the defendant for "acquire proceeds from drug activity" on 11/18/2022 (CF-2022-00095).  On 11/28/2022, the court minute states that the case was 

"dismissed upon motion of the state, with costs waived" - meaning that the prosecutor was the party requesting the case be dismissed and therefore the defendant was NOT found guilty of the charge, and therefore the cash seized by JCSO would need to be returned to the defendant.

Court Records also indicated that the defendant's release was ordered by the court, but that he was subject to an "ICE HOLD" - (The “Hold” is a request from immigration and customs enforcement to a local jail asking them to hold the person until they have an opportunity to take a look to see if they are interested in detaining them for deportation).   

Sheriff Dodd has made his personal views when it comes to immigration very clear, as documented in a video he published urging donations to help stop the border "invasion".

On 11/29/2022; the day following the dismissal of the charges, Deputy Joseph Schanz filed a probable cause affidavit against the individual for possession of contraband, instigating a new felony charge (CF-2022-00111).   

On 12/13/2022, the defendant filed a pro se motion to dismiss, alleging his due process rights were violated and that the Sheriff's Office has "repeatedly" caused him

"hardship and mental anguish, since he is of different race"  

and that

"objects that were found in the cell, tack, broken metal, liquid coffee, they are all given or left in cell by former inmates or brought in by said, Johnston County Sheriff's department, to start a new case on said defendant".

On 12/14/2022 an inmate request was filed in CF-2022-0095 stating that the defendant had been told the $4,220.00 that was seized from him would be returned and that his request to the Sheriff's Office had been ignored.  On 12/21/2022 the court ordered that the man would need to file a civil case for return of property on the $4,220.00. 

It should be noted that Deputy Schanz has a previous public complaint of bias.

It should be noted that Sheriff Dodd was previously bias during a use of force incident; published biased remarks; and called an offender a "Sorry piece of trash" in a news interview.

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Definition of Offense(s)

The term police misconduct refers to illegal or inappropriate action engaged in by law enforcement officers.

Bias refers to a prejudice or preconceived opinion that affects a police officer's ability to perform their duties in a fair and impartial manner.