With platforms-as-a-service like the Brady List, the expense is not in the platform - that is a one time expense and a reasonably minor amount of maintenance. The expense is in servicing the user accounts with support. In this case, the greater the level of adoption - the lower the monthly subscription can be.

User accounts are available to all Organizations [Law Enforcement], Prosecutors, and state POST Departments.



This is available for LEOrg, Prosecutor, and POST Department that sign up on an individual basis.


This is available for Counties that commit to every single LEOrg and Prosecutor's Office.


This is available for States that commit to every single LEOrg, Prosecutor's Office, and POST Department.


All plans are invoiced annually and paid in advance. Civilian Oversight Committees [COC] are offered accounts at a reduced cost. Citizens and members of the Press are welcome to use this entire platform for FREE.

In the interests of transparency, Level Playing Field is demonstrating all of the invoices provided to the individual states and the US Federal government: