Open Letter to ALL State Governors

Utilization of the Brady List as the Platform of Record

Dear Governor,

I hope this letter finds you in good health and high spirits. I am writing to bring to your attention an important matter regarding the utilization of a platform of record for Brady disclosures, as per the landmark Supreme Court case Brady v. Maryland, 373 U.S. 83 (1963). As the Governor of [State], the Attorney General, and the Chief Justice of the [State] Supreme Court, your esteemed offices play a vital role in upholding justice and ensuring fair proceedings within our legal system.

Brady v. Maryland established the principle that prosecutors are required to disclose exculpatory evidence to the defense, known as Brady disclosures. This evidence, if withheld, can undermine the integrity of criminal trials and compromise the fundamental right to a fair trial. In order to enhance transparency, accountability, and the accessibility of Brady disclosures, it is crucial to utilize a platform of record that can serve as a central repository for such information.

I have developed a dedicated online platform: The Brady List, to be maintained by the [State] judiciary or in collaboration with relevant agencies, that would serve as the official repository for Brady disclosures within [State]. This platform would provide a comprehensive and easily accessible record of all Brady materials that must be disclosed in criminal cases, ensuring that defense attorneys, prosecutors, the judiciary, and the public have ready access to this critical information.

The platform of record has the following key features:

Centralized Database

A secure and user-friendly online database that allows for the storage, organization, and retrieval of Brady disclosures. This database should be regularly updated to include newly disclosed evidence and be searchable by case name, defendant name, prosecutor name, and other relevant criteria.

Secure Access & Authentication

Strict security measures should be implemented to protect the confidentiality of sensitive information while providing authorized personnel with controlled access to the platform. Access should be granted to defense attorneys, prosecutors, and relevant court personnel, with appropriate authentication procedures to ensure the integrity of the system.

Standardized Disclosure Protocol

A standardized protocol should be developed and implemented to ensure consistent and thorough disclosure of Brady materials by prosecutors. This would include guidelines and procedures for identifying, reviewing, and disclosing exculpatory evidence.

Training & Education

Comprehensive training programs should be conducted for prosecutors, defense attorneys, and judicial personnel to ensure a clear understanding of the Brady disclosure requirements and the effective utilization of the platform of record. This would promote compliance and enhance the fairness of your criminal justice system.

The utilization of this platform of record for Brady disclosures will demonstrate your commitment to transparency, fairness, and upholding the constitutional rights of all individuals involved in the criminal justice process. By embracing this initiative, [State] would set a precedent for other jurisdictions, showcasing our dedication to justice reform and ensuring the highest standards of legal practice.

I kindly request your attention and support in initiating the necessary steps to utilize this platform of record. Your leadership and influence are paramount in ensuring the success of this endeavor, and I firmly believe that it would contribute significantly to the integrity and credibility of your criminal justice system.

Campaign of Amicus Briefs Urging Action by Criminal Court Judges

In the absence of an sufficient alternative platform of record we have launched a campaign of amicus briefs in the lower courts, urging action by the criminal court judges in [State]. As the Governor, the Attorney General, and the Chief Justice, your support and attention to this matter are of utmost importance.

The campaign of amicus briefs seeks to mobilize legal professionals, organizations, and concerned citizens in advocating for the implementation of measures that ensure effective Brady disclosures and the utilization of a platform of record. By filing amicus briefs in relevant cases, we aim to raise awareness, support, and judicial consideration for the need to address this critical issue.

Our amicus briefs highlight the importance of Brady disclosures in upholding constitutional rights and ensuring fair trials. They emphasize the potential consequences of inadequate disclosure, such as wrongful convictions, compromised public trust, and erosion of confidence in your criminal justice system.

We are reaching out to legal professionals, bar associations, advocacy groups, and concerned citizens across [State] to join our campaign by submitting their own amicus briefs in support of the cause. By uniting voices, we aim to create a compelling argument that urges criminal court judges to take action and champion the implementation of comprehensive Brady disclosure practices and the utilization of the Brady List as the platform of record.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I am available to discuss this matter further and offer any assistance required. I look forward to your positive response and the impact this initiative will have on the pursuit of justice in your great state.