Citizen Report No. 1659154713 - 794625264

Gary Wayne Dodd
110 North Capitol Avenue
Tishomingo, Oklahoma 73460

Date of Offense

October 28, 2021



Supporting Document(s)


In a news interview with Mike Rogers of KXII, Sheriff Gary Dodd refers to an offender who escaped from the Johnston County Jail as a "Sorry piece of trash" (Video 1)

In a social media post published on the Johnston County Sheriff Official Facebook page (Video 2), Sheriff Dodd goes on to tell the pubic the escapee is a "Worthless piece of trash" and a "Menace to Society".  He then declares "I am pissed off!" and tells the public he will "go to the ends of the earth" to capture escapee Shawn Michael Baumgardner.  Dodd then proclaims "If he wants to go down the hard way - we can also play that game and are more than willing to do so".   The following day, Sheriff Dodd, discharged his weapon through the windshield of his patrol car approximately 13-14 times into the back of baumgardner's vehicle as he was fleeing and UNARMED.  

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Definition of Offense(s)

Bias refers to a prejudice or preconceived opinion that affects a police officer's ability to perform their duties in a fair and impartial manner.