Tommy "Gus" Handke
Date of Offense
November 9, 2022

Brady Offenses

100 South Washington
Ardmore, OK 73401
United States


CLEET Number : 0082427

License Type : Fulltime Peace Officer

License Status : Active

License Effective Date : 01/21/1999

License Expiry Date : N/A

On or about November 9, 2022, an Ardmore Defense Attorney, Jason D. May, disclosed to the public that he had received information that a recording device/camera was installed in the light fixture within the Attorney/Client conference room in the Carter County Jail.  The attorney discovered the information to be true upon personally investigating the allegation received from an unnamed Sheriff Office employee and then inspecting the room and discovering the device.  

Tommy "Gus" Handke is married to Carter County Assistant District Attorney, Melissa Handke (assistant to DA Craig Ladd) and was the Undersheriff to Carter County Sheriff Chris Bryant just prior to the discovery of the concealed camera.  Handke made a recent career move that came with a significant reduction of pay, when he ceased being Bryant's "right hand man" and took the position of Chief of Police at Healdton Police Department.  His marriage to Melissa Handke provides an obvious venue for such a misconduct to occur, and shows him to be at a minimum cooperative in the conspiracy, as the only group who stood to benefit from such a device would be the district attorneys office responsible for prosecuting the defendants who utilized the room for legal counsel.

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