Prosecutor Misconduct No. 1663714065 - 1598393353

Kevin Baugh
PO Box 1025
La Fayette, Georgia 30728

Reporting Authority

This complaint has been forwarded to the State Bar of Georgia


On 7-19-2018 a preliminary hearing was held for Tony Starkey at Summerville Ga annex on cox st. Summerville Ga. Where attorney Albert Palmour asked arresting officer Brian Tucker, "why were u at Tony's house to begin with?" Brian say,"following up an investigation." Another question Albert asked," if you hadn't had probation officers with you to get you inside Tony's house, would you have been able to get a warrant?" Brian says,"no." Revealing a "stalking horse" which is police using p.o. to gain an illegal entry by avoiding the 4th amendments probable cause requirements.. Furthermore, the prosecutor violated Ga State Bar Rule 3.8(a) by prosecuting a charge he knew was not supported by probable cause, whereas 3.8(a) states a prosecutor shall refrain from prosecuting a charge he knows is not supported by probable cause.. evidence obtained illegally can not be used against a person and on 11-19-2018 kevin prosecuted me. My attorney Albert Palmour concealed a confession from prosecutor that was made on 7-20-2018 @ 7:40pm on chattooga county jail inmate recorded phone where the jail/sheriff withheld this confession sayi g she planted evidence in my yard and not her daughter and son in law. I have a jail conversation of the call the sheriff gave me through open records request that I requested to be preserved but sought out another conversation that took place the day before, right after prelim. My attorney threatened me with prison after denying a 20 yr probation offer, threats, then offers 10 yr. Probation all while standing in same spot at the back of courtroom. Upon signing my papers I told him this is not voluntary and I shouldn't be signing it. The DTF opened my door and walked in my house 7 minutes after probation officer walked in and none knocked or announced violating 4th and 14th amendment rights and 6th by attorney and 14 th by prosecutor. PLZ. HELP