Prosecutor Misconduct No. 1700524285 - 217615346

Date of Offense

January 12, 2023

Reporting Authority

This complaint has been forwarded to the State Bar of Michigan


Chris Elsworth had made a deal with my husband's lawyer for a three-year-probation deal on an embezzlement charge. The company created its own documents rather than hire an independent auditor. Our home and bank accounts were never searched. Prior to this, the Prosecutor knew of a traumatic arrest that should never have happened; a turn-in was scheduled. He excused the police nearly walking in on my daughter naked. He also knew I have Complex PTSD. He belittled and berated my husband and me and provoked the Judge into not honoring the plea bargain. He withheld a Binder of documents until the last possible moment giving us less than 24 hours to review. He then refused to reschedule court. My husband was sentenced to 10-20 years. My husband's original attorney had emails confirming the deal and refuses to turn them over. Chris Elsworth continues lying about the plea deal. The Michigan Attorney Grievance Commission did nothing.

Definition of Offense(s)

Coercive plea bargaining refers to the practice of using excessive pressure, threats, or other tactics to force a defendant to accept a plea bargain, even if it is against their best interest.

Cooperative misconduct refers to a situation where the prosecutor collaborates or conspires with another party, such as the police, to commit misconduct. This type of behavior can include suppressing evidence, withholding information, or engaging in unethical tactics to secure a conviction.