Prosecutor Misconduct No. 1693867260 - 1089708647

Melissa Handke

Date of Offense

August 28, 2023

Reporting Authority

This complaint has been forwarded to the Oklahoma Bar Association


A Facebook Post revealed that On or about August 28, 2023, Captain Randy O'Hanon of the Ardmore Police Department conspired with District Attorney Melissa Handke and numerous other Ardmore Police officers to deprive an individual of his 2nd Amendment right to lawfully possess a firearm.

O'Hanlon Email
Screenshot O'Hanlon's Email

A whistle blower within the Ardmore Police Department, provided the individual's defense attorney with an internal email sent by Captain Randy O’Hanlon to eight APD officers on August 28, 2023 outlining the agency’s intent to arrest the individual if they found him in possession of a firearm. The subject discussed in the email had a deferred sentence on a felony charge in 2011 that he successfully completed. That charge had since been dismissed and expunged and the individual is not prohibited from possessing a firearm under Oklahoma law. Captain O’Hanlon indicates in his email that he confirmed with newly appointed District Attorney Melissa Handke that the client cannot legally possess a firearm. If Captain O’Hanlon’s contention is accurate, then District Attorney, Melissa Handke has misrepresented state law and advised law enforcement to unlawfully arrest a citizen for exercising his Constitutional rights.

Definition of Offense(s)

Cooperative misconduct refers to a situation where the prosecutor collaborates or conspires with another party, such as the police, to commit misconduct. This type of behavior can include suppressing evidence, withholding information, or engaging in unethical tactics to secure a conviction.