Prosecutor Misconduct No. 1681257144 - 189444224

Fern L Smith

320 Robert S. Kerr Avenue
Oklahoma City, OK 73102
United States

Date of Offense

March 27, 2023

Reporting Authority

This complaint has been forwarded to the Oklahoma Bar Association


Fern L. Smith Oklahoma Bar # 8347

Newly discovered evidence in "Box 8" disclosed to defense in 2023 contained January 14, 2003 Notes from Fern L. Smith documented that State witness Justin Sneed did not want to testify in the re-trial of Richard Glossip. The notes were from Fern Smith, documenting her conversation with Ginia Walker (Justin Sneed's attorney). Neither Smith, nor Connie Smothermon, disclosed to Glossip's defense team that their star witness wanted to recant and/or renegotiate his plea agreement terms in exchange for testimony.

Page 21 - 5th Supplemental Report - Reed Smith
Page 21 - 5th Supplemental Report - Reed Smith


Page 23 - 5th Supplemental Report - Reed Smith
Page 23 - 5th Supplemental Report - Reed Smith


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