Prosecutor Misconduct No. 1677878978 - 1388723095

Scott Blum

Date of Offense

October 7, 2022

Reporting Authority

This complaint has been forwarded to the State Bar of Arizona


On 04/13/2014 in CR2015129136-001 Scott Blum and the State of Arizona claimed that I made a Plea deal when I did not. On 04/13/2014 I had become a victim of excessive force by Mesa police and the falsification of documents under Chief Frank Milstead ( Public Complaint no. 1676987817-1706390486 ), which continued under Chief Ramon Bautista ( Public Complaint no. 1676866435-560453312). Mesa police would attach my DR#2014 1030 448- resisting arrest to DR# 2014 1030 394- Aggravated Assault which belonged to African Americans unknown to me. While I was in a Mesa Hospital Bed on 04/13/2014 with no knowledge of court proceedings or legal counsel. Scott Blum gave my charge of resisting arrest to an individual from DR# 2014 1030 394 and I was given his Aggravated Assault Charge. The Felony Warrant attached to DR# 2014 1030 394 was used to arrest me from 1925 E. Hayden Lane, #215 in Tempe Az, by U.S. Marshals. ** Unlawful Conviction, Unlawful Arrest, Unlawful Indictment after Scott Blum did falsify documents in order to create a conviction of his choice, violating my Constitutional Rights. This evidence has been sent to The Brady List Team by way of Certified Mail, USPS# 9514 8066 8406 3053 3723 21 Proof that I was in the Hospital has been sent to Susan Novitsky