Prosecutor Misconduct No. 1674510902 - 1375480495

Mark C Taylor
157 North Main Street, Suite 402
Edwardsville, Illinois 62025

Reporting Authority

This complaint has been forwarded to the Illinois State Bar Association


In Jul 2022, I plead not guilty for traffic citation and requested a trial by judge . The reason for me to plead not guilty not only the error on that ticket, but also some unusual conditions then. For that small case, I did not hire a lawyer. However, for such small cases were lasted for 6 months. Since that police man never showed up in each court session scheduled, the prosecutor Mark C. Taylor used deception to let me leave the court each time. On October 28, 2022, I went to the court again. That police still did NOT show up. After the court proceeding started at 9:00 am, Mr. Taylor gestured for me to go to his table. Then he produced a blue form, asked me to sign at the place he marked, and said, “your case is dropped.” Then he took back the form and signed himself. On November 28, 2022, I was dismayed to receive a notice from the court to appear on December 16, 2022. From the court paper, the continuation on September 23 was “motion of defendant”, which was obviously not true. More outrageously, the continuation on October 28 was also marked as “continuation motion by defendant.” Mr. Taylor did not ask for my opinion than. On Dec 4, I filed a complaint to ARDC and I believed that Mr. Taylor received my complaint around 10th. Then I got retaliation from him. On Dec 16, Mr. Taylor persuaded the police officers who never showed up in court before to appear in court, and trained his colleague with my defense points I gave to him at first time. With well prepared, the police office provided false testimony. Because I lacked experience in the courtroom, I was deprived of presenting evidence that have information of time and place.