Prosecutor Misconduct No. 1669586884 - 1218788425

Whitney Kerr
117 North Third Avenue
Durant, Oklahoma 74701

Date of Offense

July 13, 2022

Reporting Authority

This complaint has been forwarded to the Oklahoma Bar Association


My name is Julie Clark do I need to have 2 sets of papers to make a complaint on the Bryan county district attorney Whitney Kerr and one set for court appointed attorney Jena Newman? It has finally come to light that the d.a. Whitney Kerr informed my defense lawyer that several thousands of dollars were spent at a mall that we don't have. I straight out asked my lawyer who said that and she refused to answer my question and now it makes sense why!! The d.a deliberately lied and made a false statement and exaggerated their statements to make their case look good and make it look like we are plain out guilty and officers have bold face lied in the police reports and exaggerated the statements in the reports. They don't seem that having the right address or birthdate is a important issue in a police report. We have done nothing wrong and are being deemed guilty do to the newscast that was aired and all the lies and exaggerations that have been allowed to be told!!! We were put in jail and the one and only time I got to see a judge was in jail and we were told not to speak. I was trying to give my lawyer the benefit of the doubt before I actually filed these papers cause I don't want someone wrongfully accused or in jail like they are doing to us. Two wrongs don't make a right. I also wanted to know when I am going to get my preliminary hearing? I was under the impression federal law states that it had to be done within 22 days. I could be wrong and it's been 5 months now. The start of my preliminary hearing consisted of all person's d.a., so called victims, and officers residing in a office located by the judges office chumming it up, while my husband and I are left in the waiting/ lobby of the courthouse made to look at alleged evidence photos. I'm not a expert in criminal proceedings by no means cause I don't have a criminal record but I am pretty damn sure that's not how court proceedings are conducted. They know they have broken the law and since I won't back down and shut up they now bring this competency evaluation crap. Yes I am furious and irate but not incompetent. Those officers stole personal money from us even when I gave the officer the proof it was ours cause he asked for it. Then he got very mad and called them forged and money laundering papers?? Now after all this I am pretty sure they are the ones involved in a crime like that. Those are not normal words that just come out of a officers mouth. Please inform me if I need to have another set of papers for the complaint on the d.a. I have showed my lawyer the proof that these so called victims and police officers have lied and it's like she just don't care. I tried to contact her in the beginning of this thing so we could be prepared for court and she could get our facts but I got scolded by her for doing that Infront of a court room full of people. No that did not set well with me and that was the same day she wrote that on the paper after talking to the d.a. I need help, it's hard to fight 2 police departments as well as the d.a. and especially since the court appointed defense attorneys has done everything but defend me. I look forward to your response. Thanks Julie Clark Ty and would u mind confirming that court proceedings are not conducted outside of the courtroom in the lobby/waiting area of the courthouse?? Julie Clark Show quoted text

Definition of Offense(s)

Prosecutorial misconduct refers to actions by a prosecutor that are unethical, illegal, or violate the rights of a defendant.

Judicial proceedings type of prosecutor misconduct refers to unethical or illegal actions taken by a prosecutor during the course of a trial or other legal proceeding.