Prosecutor Misconduct No. 1663714065 - 1766987086

Stephen Anthony Fern

Date of Offense

February 2, 2022

Reporting Authority

This complaint has been forwarded to the The Florida Bar


This was a hearing that I filed with the public defender to lift the no contact order. Fern argued against it, stating Mr. Stafford was a habitual felony offender, extremely dangerous, and to back that up, he then went down a long laundry list of violent charges in attempt to support his argument. Confused, I raised my hand while on the witness stand, and asked the judge what that had to do with me wanting to speak with my fiance who is currently incarcerated still with no bond. I told her I spend everyday with that man. An arrest was listed off and asked me where I was during that arrest and how could I spend every day with him when he was in jail a year ago. I told the judge I had no idea what she was talking about. She gave me a look and shook her head.. She's now labeled me as a liar. Stephen Fern reiterated multiple past felony convictions of domestic battery and assaults on LEO and emergency personnel. Nathan Stafford tried to speak up, and his attorney advised him to stop talking. He was not allowed to say anything during the entire hearing. Based on the past criminal history, the judge denied my motion to lift the NCO. I found out that evening that the reason I had no idea what charges Mr. Fern was talking about was because that sorry excuse for an attorney chose to use somebody else's criminal record! Unfortunately, there is another Nathan Alan Stafford in the state of Florida. Mine is in Sumter County. The other is in Escambia County. Nobody bothered to double check what they had in front of them. My fiance had only 1 other felony on his record at that time. Nathan tried to correct what was going on and nobody let him speak! I was treated like a liar on the stand and now my credibility is garbage.. All because this ATTORNEY played dirty. I spoke to Nathan over this last 10 months. I wanted to! I love him! He violated that NCO and now he's going to trial for it in 2 weeks. I swear to God, had Stephen fern had the CORRECT person's history, that judge wouldn't have upheld the NCO! This should be illegal! How is it appropriate to use somebody else's destructive criminal history and say it's somebody else's? They play dirty all the time! Please help! The prosecutor's office is wrong - Sumter County, Florida isn't listed on there so I picked something else since you don't allow people to write in their own.