Prosecutor Miconduct No. 1663357747 - 1461992435

Rebecca Boyer
320 Robert S. Kerr Avenue, #505
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73102

Date of Offense

August 1, 2022

Reporting Authority

This complaint has been forwarded to the Oklahoma Bar Association


Assistant District Attorney Rebecca Boyer withheld exculpatory evidence in CF-2020-6062 (OK County). She withheld evidence from the defense for months that a witness informed her of information exculpatory in nature and material to the defense's case, then lied to defense about when she had initially obtained the information and how long she had been aware of it's existence.
on 08/01/2022, defense counsel filed a Motion to Dismiss Upon Brady and Request for Evidentiary Hearing. On 9/9/2022, when the court was scheduled to hear the Motion, Ms. Boyer did not disclose to her supervisor, David Prater, that she would not be at the hearing, and informed the court that she had contracted COVID, conveniently becoming unavailable. DA Prater appeared at the hearing and upon learning the facts surrounding the brady violation, fired Mrs. Boyer that afternoon. It seems Mrs. Boyer promptly took on new employment with the Canadian County District Attorney's Office, whom may or may not be aware of the cause for her termination with Oklahoma County DA's office.