Citizen Report No. 1670981163 - 129755182

David Cathey
117 North Third Avenue
Durant, Oklahoma 74701

Date of Offense

December 10, 2022




CLEET #: 0060276

License Type: Fulltime Peace Officer

License Status: Active

License Effective Date: 07/30/1984

License Expiry Date: N/A

Investigator Cathey threatens to arrest crime victim for "creating a disturbance" after he discovers she was recording the interaction (1st Amendment protected activity).

Statement by complainant (Description in YouTube Video): "The local police department directed me to take some police reports to the DA’s office. I met with Mr. Cathey. Once I noticed our conversation going south, I began to record. I informed him that my ex was disseminating nude images of me. I had people message me directly and say they received them. He also posted them on social media accounts where he pretended to be me, and he added minors to these accounts- in a sick attempt to make me look like I am as demented as he is. This same man has been allowed to beat me, vandalize my car, and file false reports against me. Oklahoma has revenge porn laws in place. They just don’t care. I was threatened for asking questions and admitting I was recording. All I wanted was help, and as I mentioned, the police directed me to this office. The investigator wanted me to explain why the police directed me there when all I did is what I was told to do."


A group of Oklahomans with a mission to seek justice by providing transparency to the public and accountability to those who police our communities, neighbors, and friends.

Definition of Offense(s)

Police corruption is the abuse of police authority for personal gain. Corruption may involve profit or another type of material benefit gained illegally as a consequence of the officer's authority.