Citizen Report No. 1660310501 - 856849192

Gabriel Ranson Alexander
110 North Capitol Avenue
Tishomingo, Oklahoma 73460

Date of Offense

April 10, 2022




Deputies Justin Murray, Gabriel Alexander, Joseph Schanz, and his girlfriend,  Deputy Tiffany Dease were involved in a use of force involving a man allegedly armed with a sword.  Video footage posted to social media by the JCSO shows the man standing with his hands in the air in the doorway of a residence.  The deputy then grabs the man by the collar and throws him onto the ground.  The deputies then pile on top of the man who can be heard in the video asking "Why am I being targeted?".  The video and the department's statements show that the man was not armed at the time of the takedown.  The sword was later retrieved during a "security sweep" of the residence.

Per Probable Cause Affidavit made upon oath by Deputy Schanz:

  • "I drew my service pistol as I rounded the corner and took aim towards the front door"
  • "I was forced to grab him and physically yank him out of the doorway"
  • "Deputy Tiffany Dease then grabbed him from behind and helped me take him to the ground"
  • Deputy Gabriel Alexander arrived shortly afterwards and helped to detain subject.
  • Deputy Justin Murray preformed a "security sweep" of the residence

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Definition of Offense(s)

Police brutality is the use of excessive and unnecessary force on the part of a police officer when he is interacting with a civilian, resulting in a violation of the civilian’s civil rights.