Patrick Mclean

100 South Washington
Ardmore, OK 73401
United States

Date of Offense
January 24, 2023

Nature of Complaint

3856 Santa Fe Rd, Wilson, OK 73463, USA

34.154966, -97.4568773



Chris Bryant follows my fiancé everyday and every where she goes. This has been going on 3yrs now. Harassed me and Valerie my fiancé as soon as she arrived home from Ardmore Oklahoma from Walmart. Then preceded to turn my phone’s off because I made a comment about the neighbors cloning our phones and they called a friend of hers drunk saying they were Valerie. I said I was shutting down these phones and buying some cheap ones so if they hack them I don’t have to buy another two $900 phones. So he proceeded to shut my phones off and verbally called us names. I reported it to dispatch and they asked if I wanted another officer to come to our house. My answer was no. We were poisoned and made to live in Ardmore in a motel for 4.months and now he’s starting the harassment again and we need it to stop. I also have water bills when away for usage of 12,661 gallons of water and I can obtain these bills. The neighbors fly balloons over and around the house shutting off my thermostat to the heat and feet are starting to go numb again so the poisoning is happening again. They do this from outside the house and wake us up especially early in the morning when Valerie isn’t working to make our lives miserable. It took me years dealing with this till I said no more.