Prosecutor Misconduct No. 1700523538 - 1523639839

Steve Tolbert
230 E. Ninth Street, Suite 4000
Cincinnati, Ohio 45202

Reporting Authority

This complaint has been forwarded to the Ohio State Bar Association


On 09/22/2023 Assisting Prosecuting Attorney refuse me of my constitutional right to protect myself. He refused to honor the Ohio Revised Code to investigate fir the merit and criminal offense reported to his office for review by a civil citizen. Steven Tolbert was bias when he accused Regina Shields of using the justice system to retaliate with first doing his due diligence to investigate for the facts. Steve Tolbert is in violation of his Oath of Office. Steve Tolbert is bias, unfair and impartial to my and the crime that is being committed against me by another and he fails to act in accordance to the law in a duty in which he is charged with carrying out. Steve Tolbert threatened me unjustly with arrest for requesting that he honor the Ohio Revised Code. Steve Tolbert attempted yo misinform me about the actual existence off the Ohio Revised Code. Steve Tolbert denied me access to a legal public forum under the threat of freedom deprivation. Steve Tolbert threatened to arrest me if I came back to the Hamilton County Prosecutor Office for service. I have a video recording of the entire incident this system would not allow me to upload it. Please reach out to me I can provide it additionally. Thank you Regina Shields