New York Division of Criminal Justice Services [NCJS]

80 South Swan Street
Albany, New York 12210

Decertification List

Khadija Abdulmajid
February 22, 2021
None Provided
Nyamebekyere Abeka Johnson
April 8, 2020
None Provided
Betsuaye Abia
December 4, 2019
None Provided
Ralph Abughazeh
October 28, 2019
None Provided
Christopher Acevedo
February 27, 2017
None Provided
Miguel Acevedo
November 20, 2019
None Provided
Sorys Acevedo
August 22, 2018
None Provided
Brittany Adamczyk
February 5, 2019
None Provided
Franklin Adams
July 21, 2020
None Provided
Steven Adams
February 14, 2019
None Provided

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