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The United States Brady List includes all known issues of police misconduct, do not call status, decertification, public complaints, use-of-force reports, and citizen reports.

United States is not in compliance with the nationwide, public-facing, platform of record: The Brady List; or:

In the interests of transparency, Level Playing Field is demonstrating all of the invoices presented to United States:

Jeff Lehrmann
March 29, 2010
Samuel McCauley
No Date Provided
Brandon Jay McFadden
April 10, 2010
January 1, 2007
Offense: Misconduct
Offense: Theft
Charles F McGonigal
No Date Provided
Offense: Bribery
Scott Neibauer
May 10, 2015
Joseph B Stuart
No Date Provided
Clifton W Studstill
October 25, 2001
Jed Terry
No Date Provided
William E Terry
August 12, 2005

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The database is always in development and more organizations, POST Departments, and officers are being added daily.

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The Brady List compiles Public Complaints of misconduct for every jurisdiction and Law Enforcement Organization [LEOrg] in the United States.

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