Public Complaint No. 1678159808 - 903844963

Justin Walden

1632 305th Street
Tama, IN 52339
United States

Date of Offense

March 5, 2023



I was leaving the meskwaki casino after a few miles east on highway 30 the officer Justin Walden initiated a traffic stop. As a person who has lost my father in result of a traffic stop gone wrong I continued on until I got to the nearest exit and then I pulled over. I provided the officers with everything they needed and no crime was committed but because officer Walden couldn't accept the reason I didn't stop was because I wanted to get to the next exit off the highway, officer Walden then detained me and took me down to Tama county jail to perform sobriety test. At no point did I seem impaired or under the influence of anything. I performed the sobriety test as instructed. I blew a 0.0 in the breathalyzer. I then denied a chemical test at wich in that moment I was arrested for owi. I was not under the influence of anything and I feel I was arrested because officer Walden could not find a reason to take me to jail at the traffic stop


East Ash Ave, Fullerton, CA, USA

33.8652346, -117.9176508

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