Public Complaint No. 1652488265 - 1763989507

Timothy Bryan Steely
402 Evergreen Street
Durant, Oklahoma 74701

Date of Offense

November 8, 2021



On November 8, 2021, my only son (Cherokee Tribal Citizen) returning back to Oklahoma after attending a ministry in Ft. Worth, TX, was shot 7 times in Durant, OK, capital of the Choctaw Nation .. the first shot dropped him to the ground .. why did police officers walked up closer to him and fire 4 more bullets into him? Why didn’t one officer or one Choctaw tribal police, say “Stand Down-Evaluate” after the first shot? Who gave the order to cancel 2 life-flights that were dispatched? Who monitors “Gypsy Cops” the ones who knows they’re going to be fired, instead they’ll resign!
Open records for all law enforcement officers.


9th ave, durant, OK 74701