Citizen Report No. 1652578133 - 20554399

Timothy Bryan Steely
402 Evergreen Street
Durant, Oklahoma 74701

Date of Offense

November 24, 2016


Supporting Document(s)


KXII quoted Reserve Deputy Steely claiming to be attacked by multiple men.....  HOWEVER....  Video taken by a bystander on scene shows that not only was Steely NOT attacked by 6 men, but his claim of being "Choked and punched in the face" is quite different than the account shown on the bystander's video. 

On the bystander's video - 40-year-old Jamie Kirk was arrested at the scene - he is pushed backwards, when Steely lunges after him and climbs onto him while he's on the ground.

Kirk and other bystanders on scene remain adamant that Mr. Kirk never hit Deputy Steely.  

The article also quotes Steely claiming that he called for backup and was unable to get other officers on scene, however video shows there were in fact other uniformed officers attempting to get Steely off of Mr. Kirk.

Reserve Deputy Steely was NOT wearing a body camera.

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Definition of Offense(s)

False statements by a police officer fall under the category of police misconduct and refer to instances where a police officer deliberately makes false or misleading statements under oath, in official reports, or in any other official capacity.

Police brutality is the use of excessive and unnecessary force on the part of a police officer when he is interacting with a civilian, resulting in a violation of the civilian’s civil rights.