Shawn Mulligan

Date of Offense

October 4, 2022


I was the victim of a domestic assault. The officer did not even speak to me at the scene and the EMS whisked me away to the hospital immediately. Upon coming to the hospital and speaking with me the officer was already biased and had already decided that the person who assaulted me was telling the truth before even hearing my side of the story. I overheard him on the phone with his supervisor recounting things that I had told him about the incident followed by " well thats what SHE said happened" and other derogatory comments about my account of what happened. I could tell from the get-go that no matter what I said he was not going to believe me and then he basically flat out called me a liar. I was bleeding profusely from my head and had to have my scalp glued back together and he basically told me that I deserved it because I walked in my neighbor's house. After my neighbor had told me to walk in his house. My neighbor set me up to be able to assault me without the neighbors singing. But the officer that took the report wasn't trying to hear anything that I said. because he has issues with women and was just automatically going to side with the man in the situation


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