Prosecutor Misconduct No. 1666469650 - 272836349

Steven E Gagne

Date of Offense

January 23, 2007

Reporting Authority

This complaint has been forwarded to the Massachusetts Bar Association


This ADA is discriminating me. I suffer from different mental illness and many times in the past felt suicidal due to the pressure coming from ADA. On a won appeal this ADA has stayed on my case for over 17 years. Always threatening to bring first degree charge against me, which is not allowed. In my first trial he coached witnesses against me. Evidence shows that a males DNA was the only thing found on the weapon. I’ve been hospitalized for over 10 years and this ADA is saying I should serve life. I can’t handle much and suffer from Panic attacks. He coached the group of people that tried to jump me against me and used them as witnesses against me with false statements in order to sentence me to second degree. I did not commit such crime. In the past I have tried to commit suicide in prison serving a life sentence prior to a won appeal! This ADA has put me under pressure and I lose sense of reality at times. He used false witness to say violent things about me in order to sentence me to natural life 17 years ago! I was attacked and lost consciousness from being choked. he took 2 of my passports and claimed it’s lost. Labeling me a fly risk because I was born in Brazil he has taken this case personal against me. He was on the news for making false accusations against a lawyer claiming she hired someone to take the life of an officer because of her client that he was prosecuting. IF he was not discriminating me he would charge the male that has his DNA on the weapon. I felt pressure from police in a video statement and the police insinuating I should agree with what they were saying. This ADA is persecuting me. Discriminating me due to mental illness saying I’m a danger to myself and others but he pressured me with a natural life sentence and I feel very sick and overwhelmed all the time because he is trying to brainwash me saying I should take responsibility for this with natural life! He has made statements against my 90 year old aunt that was a judge in Brazil saying she’s corrupted and will ride me in Brazil saying my family is disruptive in court because of the affection and love they have for me using people to testify against my family on my appeal. Laughing and saying I want attention when a doctor said I was abused at a young age. He has said that the hospital has done nothing in 10 years to get me to a trial so he can sentence me to natural life. He is manipulative and has a personal issue against me. I can’t put evidence for 17 years in this complaint. When I was in prison and didn’t eat for 10 days or more the ADA said in court my urine proof I was sneaking food. I was in a room with a camera on the hole time and did not eat.He was angry I went to a hospital for 30 days when I was sentenced to 15- life. 17 years ago someone wrote on the internet that they were going to kill my hole family and me because of what the ADA charge me with. I was always on the news. He was promoted after my trial.