Citizen Report No. 1675699260 - 1573214471

Timothy Bryan Steely
207 SW 3rd Street
Antlers , Oklahoma 74523

Date of Offense

May 30, 2021




CLEET Number : 0135978

License Type : Fulltime Peace Officer

License Status : Revoked  (08/09/2022)

License Effective Date : 08/18/2017

License Expiry Date : N/A

A Federal Civil Case  has been filed on behalf of Oklahoma veteran Hank Miller who was murdered by Pushmataha County Deputies, Keith KnollBrian Columbus on May 30, 2021. Deputies unloaded EIGHT rounds into a compliant and UNARMED Miller, and OSBI attempted to justify the shooting with a press release claiming a "deputy was hit by the vehicle Miller was driving", this information is contradicted by the bodycam footage.

The wrongful death complaint filed in the Eastern District of Oklahoma Federal Court states:

Of the three deputies on scene at the time of the shooting—Knoll, Columbus, and Steely—not one of them rendered first aid to Hank following the shooting. In fact, none of the deputies even checked for a pulse. Instead, the deputies stood around talking and making phone calls.

Timothy Bryan Steely neglected his duty as a peace officer to render aid to Hank Miller.

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Definition of Offense(s)

The term police misconduct refers to illegal or inappropriate action engaged in by law enforcement officers.