Citizen Report No. 1658350273 - 777108806

Timothy Bryan Steely
402 Evergreen Street
Durant, Oklahoma 74701

Date of Offense

March 31, 2022



Supporting Document(s)


A protective order petition was filed on 03/31/2022 against Timothy Steely in the Choctaw District Court.  The incident(s) that led to the petition occurred on or about 03/03/2022.  

The court found grounds to issue a final order of protection to be in effect until April 29, 2023.  

The petition cites the 03/03/2022 incident as the reason for his termination of employment with Bryan County Sheriff's Office.

Note: Attached Petition redacted to protect the identity of minor children and to redact home addresses of the parties.

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Definition of Offense(s)

When an officer is the subject of a protective order, it means that a court has issued a legal order to protect an individual from being physically or emotionally harmed by the officer.