Tanner Farmer

20 South College Street
Unit B
Homerville, GA 31634
United States

Date of Offense
January 14, 2023

Nature of Complaint

Johnny St, Homerville, GA 31634, USA

31.046624, -82.7701045



Fourth amendment protects people from unreasonable searches and seizures by the government. Rodriguez versus the United States us 575 us 348 2015. Was pulled over last night by officer farmer cuz of a tag and fragment he's a canine unit. Hey he's blue eyes I pulled over he came up to my window as for my license and asked me to step out of the car and ask him why he said because he was going to run the dog around my car. I've been proceeded to ask him if he if he was expecting me of committing some kind of crime. He said no that he didn't need a reason to walk his dog around my car in the state of Georgia. So of course the dog alerts on my car. He then tells me that he doesn't need my consent to search the vehicle cuz the dog hit on it. Search my vehicle found absolutely nothing. I'm almost sure he didn't run my license and there was no need for him to run my tag cuz he had just pulled my mother-in-law over last week but the same reason. He is the same officer that arrested my boyfriend 3 months ago who's still incarcerated.