Public Complaint No. 1665204452 - 259925669

Tyra Harrington

Date of Offense

October 7, 2022



We have reported a big nest of razorwire (pictured) locked onto a post in a ditch next to a public road. The county said they don't maintain the road, we checked, and it is a public easement. The County's website ( contains a video at the bottom (direct link to the video:, which states that causing "safety hazards" within your own fenced property is a violation of the codes. We have checked, and obviously, locking razorwire deathtraps next to public access roads is a violation of multiple code sections (see pictures for citations). The County (Brian Keefer, Tyra Harrington, Lynda Hopkins, David Rabbitt) says (a) it's private property - this is irrelevant to the codes which specifically apply to property, and out of context because it is a public access road with an easement on it, and it is not posted, and it is clearly marked as a County road, (b) the road isn't maintained by the county (irrelevant to the codes), (c) it only poses a danger to wildlife and would-be trespassers - this is false - trespassing is a crime, and the road is not marked as private, the person who locked the razorwire onto a post does not own the land it's own (see pictures), (d) you've been told it's not a code violation (it is obviously a code violation, because razorwire is specifically engineered to be a life hazard, therefore making a giant razorwire deathtrap ON THE GROUND next to a public access road for anyone to stumble into is obviously a code violation by definition), (e) we've spent a lot of time already (giving frivolous, irrational arguments instead of removing the razorwire). All of these responses are irrational. We have over 150 emails complaining about this. They said they don't have any complaints but when we asked if they filed our complaints they refuse to answer, and refuse to provide a complaint number.


17660 Montesano, Guerneville, CA, 95446