Prosecutor Misconduct No. 1669587179 - 1544039976

Zachary Becker
222 St. Clair Street, Suite 2007
Frankfort, Kentucky 40602

Date of Offense

January 17, 2018


Reporting Authority

This complaint has been forwarded to the Kentucky Bar Association


Ater arrest in Frankfort Ky Sting operation adults only date site. And proceeding up to trial. Multiple issues were noted from investigator to Prosecutor how Investigator "Saw and heard" things never said or discussed, and prosecutor used them, Example, grand jury perjury, investigator statements of seeing through a closed door, the arrest and including " down including "blading " event and assault by officer kick defendant in groin, as well as handcuffed, and search of cell phone without warrant while having medical event as noted by investigators, While incarcerated in jail increased bail because she heard military unit was raising money, VS family. misleading, Search warrants applied for after search of veh done, civil rights violations, planted, evidence, manipulated and destroyed by investigators. While listening to jail call, illegallly, investigator informed prosecutor of violations found by Father which noted. illegal search warrants, misleading statements leading to search warrants, making and quoting statement that wasn't said or noted in any transcript Civil rights issues 2nd 3rd 4th 6th 8 th when misleading issues and statements were heard by investigator during illegal phone call monitoring and sent to prosecutor before trial and before attempts to clarify such, case was sent from state to Federal, so illegal issues found wouldn't, couldn't be used in trial Prosecutor knew or should have known issues presented would have led to investigator perjury charges and prosecutor suborning perjury issues. also notes asking CID to investigate issues due to military involvement and using misleading and known false statements by ex-wife to obtain search warrants and statement to military knowing the father told daughter to lie to investigators. Prosecutor should have known of investigators bia's and continued to push illegal obtained evidence including misleading statements

Definition of Offense(s)

Prosecutorial misconduct refers to actions by a prosecutor that are unethical, illegal, or violate the rights of a defendant.