Prosecutor Misconduct No. 1663714065 - 694658867

Laura Byrne
57 North Ottawa Street, Unit 300
Joliet, Illinois 60432

Reporting Authority

This complaint has been forwarded to the Illinois State Bar Association


Prosecutor is delaying discovery, knows police officer is lying, abusing a victim of crime to silence them, no prior history of crime, excluding video that exonerates defendant, collusion with defendants defense attorney to sabotage case Extrajudicial punishment to circumvent DCFS and place special needs child at risk of permanent damage due to separation. Child is witness to police misconduct and mother filed FTC privacy violation regarding internet company one week before crash Evidence is one sided from the driver who caused the crash. Additional charges were added to ensure lost custody of child and damage to 35 year outstanding and exemplary care of diverse children. Police officer knows defendants step dad who defendant has estranged relationship and affiliated with church and University. Judge has likely decided to not give defendant a fair trial as two agencies have found defendant guilty based on officer lies. In addition officer referred victim to dshs to have child removed lying to dshs and providing video from one side of the story and possibly altered or faked to reflect officers lies. Defendant has no history of misconduct or any issue but complaints of harassment have been ignored by police who are desperate to paint victim as unstable. Defendant reported attorney for misconduct that works with will county may be punishment for that. Defendant is victim of intimate partner violence, sexual assault, stalking, harassment, doxxing, false reports to dshs and falsely imprisoned based on lies of mental instability. Will county is aware of entrapment to follow, provoke and harass victim attempting to use as evidence for mental health court. Naperville police selectively targeted the mother with child endangerment charges as malicious and vindictive as evidenced by lack of referrals for dads who cause car accidents or have child in car during traffic violation. The charge of child endangerment is retaliation and malicious and directed by a corrupt head of organization. They weren't happy with unfounded outcome in previous investigation so they lied to reflect a threat that doesn't exist. Mother acted in self defense to erratic driver who chased her across parking lot. Costing 10 k in attorney fees who are also not defending client vigorously.