Prosecutor Miconduct No. 1660955412 - 1216849137

Gayland Gieger
320 Robert S. Kerr Avenue, #505
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73102

Date of Offense

August 8, 2022


Reporting Authority

This complaint has been forwarded to the Oklahoma Bar Association


Oklahoma County Assistant District Attorney, Gayland Gieger, is accused in the attached Notice of Tort Claim of abusing his authority and supervision over Assistant District Attorney Kelly Collins. The claim alleges that DA Prater, along with his First Assistant District Attorney, Jimmy Harmon, and ADA Gayland Geiger, "Acted as pimps, assigning young, attractive female Assistant District Attorneys to prosecute cases before Judge Henderson". Kelly Collins has previously admitted under oath to a sexual relationship with Judge Tim Henderson. Prater and his associates allowed the misconduct to occur under their supervision in order to gain oddly favorable rulings from Judge Henderson. Per New9 article “I think it’s the worst kept secret in the Oklahoma County courthouse,” attorney Irven Box said."