Citizen Report No. 1658891506 - 1493959361

Tommy McGlasson

Date of Offense

September 22, 2020


Supporting Document(s)


Tommy McGlasson pleaded guilty in Tulsa federal court on Tuesday, March 1, 2022 to submitting a fake search warrant on Facebook while he was an OBN agent in September 2020, according to court records. McGlasson said: “That is, I used my position and authority as a law enforcement officer with the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics to knowingly and knowingly deprive two persons (identified only by their initials)” to be exempt from unreasonable search and From the right of confiscation as protected. by our Constitution and the laws of the United States,” McGlasson wrote in his plea agreement with federal prosecutors.

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Definition of Offense(s)

Criminal charges and/or conviction refer to the legal process of accusing a police officer of a crime and determining their guilt through a court of law.