Brady Offense No. 1697307417 - 954905475

Gregory S Sersion
1000 Sycamore Street Cincinnati
Cincinnati, Ohio 45202

Date of Offense

October 20, 2012

Official Statement

 Found Guilty on 6/3/2013 under C/12/TRD/52825(A) (Reasonable Control) but Acquitted of (B) charge (Leaving the Scene).  Officer Sersion terminated by Sheriff Neil  Later, arbitrator reduced his termination to 20-day suspension.

Definition of Offense(s)

Criminal charges and/or conviction refer to the legal process of accusing a police officer of a crime and determining their guilt through a court of law.

Police brutality is the use of excessive and unnecessary force on the part of a police officer when he is interacting with a civilian, resulting in a violation of the civilian’s civil rights.

Police corruption is the abuse of police authority for personal gain. Corruption may involve profit or another type of material benefit gained illegally as a consequence of the officer's authority.