Prosecutor Misconduct No. 1678742868 - 1456278040

Benjamin Zushin
38 South Park Street, 2nd Floor
Mansfield, Ohio 44902

Reporting Authority

This complaint has been forwarded to the Ohio State Bar Association


Mr. Zushin had been sworn in as assistant prosecutor on the same exact date as Matt Metcalf. Matt was the assistant prosecutor that led the witness on the stand in Preliminary Hearing, I was given a near deaf attorney, once bound to mounsfield they gave me Zushin. He stated how he had such a large caseload, and the prosecutor happened to be good friends with the arresting officer as well. This is a conflict of interest if I ever seen one! So purposefully they had drug out the plea bargaining process because they had messed up horribly, running with a disordered person's statement, whom? Even had meeting explaining her mental health and how she wasn't taking her medication. They also had a court hearing without me even present 15 days I was told to "pack it up". I told him if he was to get a disorderly I would accept it just to get home because my wife had been telling me If I didn't there wouldn't be a marriage to come home to. it's turned out quite the mess, especially after wife aggravated Burglary on house and the same prosecutors pawns are giving her, her mom, and sister Trespassing . When do people force in homes with guns, steàl, things, break things, and threaten a 64 year old woman to kill her and get NO jail time, probation? Might I add the wife had a DV charge for threatening to shoot me in the face 11 years ago. Not only is this an example of how corrupt and broken this system is, Its now become plain as day! And I'm making sure everyone knows about it.