Prosecutor Misconduct No. 1668204158 - 574257712

Joseph J Mendoza

1300 18th Street
Bakersfield, CA 93301
United States

Date of Offense

May 9, 2022


Reporting Authority

This complaint has been forwarded to the State Bar of California

Supporting Document(s)


Deputy District Attorney Joseph J. Mendoza fabricated false information, and lied, while requesting I be charged with a felony. He also acted as a witness declaring under penalty of perjury, that the false information, which was the sole basis of the complaint, was true. Because of the lies of Mendoza, a felony arrest warrant was issued. Had it not been for Mendoza's lies, and perjury, the charges, and arrest warrant would not have been authorized. This lead to me being arrested on bogus, meritless case, when the sheriffs dept. attempted to force entry to my gf home, to execute the arrest warrant which bail was set at $5000.00. I was subject to 6 pre-preliminary hearings, where the public defender and prosecutor would conspire to have my case be the last case heard each day. They refused to go forward to a prelim hearing, but instead would make excuses to reschedule another pre-prelim, so they could attempt to wear me down, in hopes I would accept a plea-bargain. (Being that the case is absolutely without merit.) Eventually an IDP attorney was appointed, who agreed to appear 977 for me. That very day, the case was dismissed. (without a preliminary hearing being held, due to the charges being bogus, and completely meritless). About 1 month after the case was dismissed, I was again arrested, for a felony warrant that had issued 8 days earlier, because the district attorneys office refiled the bogus charge. It is impossible for me to be guilty of the charge, but MENDOZA isn't interested in a conviction, but rather, is abusing the process in retaliation, for asserting my fundamental U.S. Constitutionally protected, guaranteed rights, (also guaranteed and protected under the California Constitution), and are to humiliate, intimidate, and attack me.

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