Prosecutor Misconduct No. 1663714065 - 2000352340

Jerard 'Jerry' M Jarzynka
312 S Jackson Street, 3rd Floor
Jackson, Michigan 49201

Date of Offense

March 11, 2021


Reporting Authority

This complaint has been forwarded to the State Bar of Michigan


The Michigan court of appeals ruled that Jackson county prosecutor Jerry Jarzynka ("deliberately") violated constitutional law in court of appeals 354379. The Michigan Supreme Court refused to hear that case because it obviously agreed with the court of appeals. That case had absolutely nothing to do with me however in 2018 both head county prosecutor Jerry Jarzynka and his assistant prosecutor Jerrold Schrotenboer teamed up to violate my constitutional rights in a civil petition hearing in Jackson county circuit court. I have 23 cases ranging from the court of appeals all the way to the United States Supreme Court proving That but the Michigan court of appeals confirmed the ongoing misconduct by the Jackson County Michigan prosecutor Jerry Jarzynka. "Every citizen of Jackson county is a victim of this corruption and misconduct because we pay his salary. He has violated his oath and the trust of every citizen. The 3 enclosed federal cases prove the violation of my rights in 2018. I can provide more information if you call me or email me back. Gregg Knight 517-917-3855/ ([email protected]).