Douglas Rhodes

Thank you very much for your support and efforts.

We hope you approve of what we have done, are doing, and will endeavor to do in the coming months.



  • Establish a Platform-as-a-Service for every officer, in every law enforcement organization, in every jurisdiction, in every state in the US.
  • Make the platform public-facing, interactive, portable, and accessible.
  • Standardize the Citizen Report process.
  • Define the Brady Offense Categories.
  • Add ALL public information to the platform [by hand, if necessary].
  • Raise Awareness.
  • Organize and support state Citizen Reporter organizations [for FREE].
  • Compel state disciplinary bodies to proactively disclose [publish] 100% of their findings [complaints and judgements] in accordance with the Open Government Initiative of 2009.
  • Gain direct electronic 'endpoint' access to state databases for every disciplinary body.
  • Add multiple language translations.
  • Expand to other countries.

Please know that it is not our intention to develop a business model that relies on contributions and donations. It is our intention to develop this platform so that each and every state may use this tool to the benefit of their citizens and to fulfill their obligations that their leadership requires. We desire that each state will support their portion of the expenses to see this platform sustained, and expanded, into the future.